Conversion for non-ecommerce websites: what is it and how it can be improved

Today, you can hardly find even a pure brick-and-mortar company without any presence online, like website which exposes information about it’s services, and most likely serves as additional sales tool.

In case of online store it is pretty much clear: the main purpose of the resource – is to capture client’s attention and sell the product. By the way, about ways of increasing conversion of online store you can find in our previous article. But what if you are not engaged in online retail, what if your business card website serves just as your representation online? Do you need to think about conversion in this case at all? In fact, it is essential. Let’s find out why.

  • To start let’s sort out – what do we mean by conversion?

It has to be a certain action. In a case of a corporate website it may be a click on the button, contacts page visit, sent request, a phone call or subscription.

  • What exact conversion marker is necessary for you?

It is very individual and depends on your business sphere. In order to determine this – think about who is your typical client. What actions can he perform on your website? What do his actions mean for you? The goal of most companies, as mentioned above, is to receive the Lead (client’s contacts), even if it is just a prospect. Think about how your permanent clients prefer to communicate – by phone, email or through social networks. On this basis modify your website to make it effortless to use this certain method of communication.

  • How to evaluate the conversion rate?

For this purpose there is a set of special tools. The most popular is Google Analytics. It’s free, easy to install, but herewith very functional. It allows to perform a complete analytics of a website: identify sources of traffic, level of involvement of clients, etc. Here you can learn how to install it.

  • What if the conversion is low?

If you realized that the conversion rate of your website is not as good as you would like – conduct an A/B testing. So you will know what elements hamper efficiency of your website, and which, on the contrary, work well. If you are confident that your website is already morally outdated and does not meet the requirements, you can always get a free consultation from our team about improving it.

Continue to work on attracting clients to your website. Even if you think that business card website or corporate website cannot bring direct profits – then try to do the above steps. You will likely be pleasantly surprised with the result. Any website can be high‐conversional and bring new clients and new sales to their owners.

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