10 services of email newsletters with the best publications

Today, there is so much information that really important and interesting content is lost in this abundance. We often miss important posts or look at advertising instead of useful publications on Facebook. Of course, there are alternatives like RSS, but they don’t cancel the excess of publications.

The solution is email newsletters. Experienced curators, with the support of communities and algorithms or relying only on their work, select the most interesting on the web and send it to you by email. And you easily get a result: informative, relevant and exciting publications.


Topics: different.
Periodicity: once a day or a week (on the user’s choice).
Longform service is supported by the Writers Program of the University of Pittsburgh (USA). Project editors monitor the world’s major media on the subject of volume and informative texts – longreads. Curators send the links to selected articles via email.
Longform →

The Download

Topics: popular science, advanced technologies and innovations.
Periodicity: once a day.
The Download is one of the newsletters of Massachusetts Institute of Technology (USA), wich is well‐known even outside the scientific community. In it you will find links to the most important publications on the discoveries, achievements and other events from the world of science and technology with a laconic comments of the editor.
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Product Hunt

Topics: services, applications, podcasts, games and other products.
Periodicity: once a day on workdays or once a week (on the user’s choice).
Community of Product Hunt consists of Internet entrepreneurs, developers and enthusiasts. Together these people form product ratings that are available today on the web. They share most worthwhile things using the newsletter.
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Quartz Daily Brief

Topics: international news.
Periodicity: once a day.
Quartz is young but already quite popular online edition. In addition to publishing their own materials the team oversees the news from other sources, and on their basis they make a brief information picture of the day. Daily Brief subscribers are always informed about all main events.
Quartz Daily Brief →


Topics: technology, media, sports, music, fashion.
Periodicity: once a day.
Curators of the REDEF project make subject selections of links to the publications with rich content. You can subscribe to one or more channels devoted to specific topics in order to receive their content by email.


Topics: remote work, productivity.
Periodicity: once every two weeks.
If you work outside the office or just interact with colleagues via the Internet, pay attention to Remotive newsletter. Its editor shares useful tips for remote and office workers.
Remotive →


Topics: different.
Periodicity: once a day or a week (on the user’s choice).
The authors of the popular blogging platform Medium publish a huge number of excellent texts every day. Even if you don’t want to become one of the bloggers, registering on this site is a good idea anyway. Medium users regularly receive by email the best publications based on personal interests.
Medium →


Topics: technology.
Periodicity: once a week.
Owen Williams, a former editor of the blog The Next Web, monitors technology news and selects the most interesting of them from the point of view of end‐users and industry professionals. The results of his work Owen packs in informative email‐digests.
Charged →


Topics: healthy lifestyle, personal effectiveness, self‐development.
Periodicity: once a week.
Newsletter Further is practical advice, guidance and scientific articles that help to effectively solve problems, achieve goals, learn and develop yourself.
Further →


Topics: international news.
Periodicity: once a day.
TheSkimm is insanely popular newsletter. Its releases include links to the top news of the day and short reviews of related events from the project editors. Among the subscribers of TheSkimm there are famous journalists from leading media and many influential people.
TheSkimm →

Take a note of these resources – you will surely find something useful for yourself.

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