10 E-commerce trends you need to know to stay on top

Regardless of whether you already have an online store or you’re just planning to launch a startup in the near future, it’s important to follow all the latest trends in the sphere of E‐commerce to remain competitive. Now it’s not enough just to sell products online. Consumers are becoming more demanding to the service, convenience of shopping and the design of the website. Here are 10 general trends to take into account.

1. Mobilization. People expect that your website will be mobile. This means not just changing the layout. People want to make purchases from their mobile devices without touching the computer, so all essential functions should be available.

2. Convinient mobile payments. They also should be easy and safe. Many services, such as PayPal, allow to carry out payments and guarantee the safety of your data.

3. Additional channels for ads. Mobile advertising in applications continues to gain popularity.

4. Loading speed. It’s hard not to recall the web page loading speed. Unfortunately, mobile internet can be very slow. In this case, if the design of your website is beautiful and heavy, web pages will load for ages. So be sure to optimize your content for mobile users.

5. Marketing tools. Modern E‐marketing is a lot like math. So use versatile analytics of your website – it can give you much more than just creative approach to advertising.

6. Automation of marketing processes. Now there is a legion of apps for all tastes to perform a variety of tasks, such as posting, testing, analytics. Don’t ignore their existence and they will save your time.

7. High‐quality content. People are tired of reading statuses in social networks and they are again interested in articles and blog posts. But the reader becomes more demanding, so you need to work hard to make your publications interesting and useful.

8. Even more convenient delivery. It should be fast, predictable and reliable. And don’t forget about tracking capability (especially for shipping). Many people feel moral discomfort if they can’t check out the location and status of their order.

9. Minimalistic flat design. Popularized by Google, Apple and Microsoft, lightweight and flat design is now a main trend. Simple websites with clear photos and interface came to replace complex textures, gradients and shadows. But the design is far not all. Your website has to be convinient for users, so you have to constantly improve its usability.

10. Video reviews. If the online store makes high‐quality video reviews of their products – it is a huge plus. This content type allows users to improve their perception – to look at the color of clothes under different lighting, assess the functionality of a smartphone or quality of the household appliances, etc. Your task is to satisfy the curiosity of the potential customer and video reviews cope with this brilliantly.

Take note of these trends if you want to keep up and always provide your customers with the highest quality service.

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