15 things that badly affect your SEO ranks

In the field of SEO things change pretty quickly – always appear some new trends and recommendations from the various search engines. It can be really difficult to keep up with all of these information, so we will be helping you a little. We decided to make a list of factors, which in any case have a negative impact on your ranking in Google (primarily) and other search engines. Take note.

1. Dilution of the main keywords
If you optimize at the same time a large number of keywords, it may happen that the main ones will be lost and diluted by secondary and auxiliary.

2. Spamming keywords
If the key density in your texts is 10% and more, you risk not only to frighten away the readers, but also to be banned by search engines.

3. Invisible links
They are quite simple to make: instead of anchor you set the image with the size of 1 pixel. But it is also very simple to fly out of the output of search engines because of the invisible links.

4. Outbound links to suspicious websites
There is nothing worse for the ranking than to refer to unreliable resources. So before placing a link, find out if there are any claims to this page from the main search engines.

5. Illegal content.
Search engines apply the most tough sanctions to those who use the copyrighted content of other people without their permission.

6. Invisible text
The search bot can distinguish invisible text, which is placed for him on the page, from the content for users. Thus, you can easily get into the ban.

7. The copied content
If you have identical text on several pages, or an article for your website has been copied from another resource, it is very bad for the ranking.

8. The image instead of text links
This is a good method from the aesthetic side, but it complicates the use of one of the most effective optimization tools – the necessary words in anchor of the link. Use images instead of text of the link only for internal navigation, and only if it is really necessary for the correct embodiment of your project’s concept.

9. Frames
A frame is a separate page with its own html‐code and address. Use them only in case of extreme need.

10. Flash
Search engines don’t see Flash content at all. If you still use Flash, you have to write its detailed description.

11. The site that is designed completely in Flash technology
As is said above, a site that contains only Flash content cannot be ranked at all. It’s difficult to come up with something worse for SEO than that.

12. Downtime of hosting
If the hosting is temporarily unavailable, with it also hangs the page, and its indicators are going down. This factor influences the ranking only if the hosting provider isn’t reliable and operates uninterruptedly less than 97‐98% of the time.

13. Dynamic URL
Search engine spiders don’t like them.

14. Dynamic IP
Worse than a dynamic URL. Don’t use it if you want your site to be well‐indexed.

15. Tag “noindex”
If you will conceal most of the content with this tag, then be prepared for the fact that the search bots will pay less attention to the whole site.

We hope that your website is configured by last word of SEO‐recommendations and, of course, all of these things don’t apply to you. : ) In any case, SoftwareGarage is always ready to help you with this matter and provide you with qualitative optimization in the search engines.

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