5 AdWords scripts that will make your life easier
working with adwords

Working with Google AdWords is not always a piece of cake. But it has some interesting tools that facilitate the work and make it more effective. They are scripts which you can set up with the help of special source code. In our article you will find 5 free AdWords scripts for tracking quality score, grouping keywords, detection of the broken links and the conflict of keywords.

Quality Score Tracker

AdWords has Quality Score, which affects everything – from the position of the ad to the cost‐per‐click. This tool saves the data about indicators of quality of the account, campaign, and the group of keywords for the first 50,000 phrases in CSV format.

Broken Links Script

Adding new and deleting old pages leads to the appearing of broken links. Error 404 is a headache, as it reduces the targeted traffic and eats your advertisement budget. Enable script of checking links and identify errors in time. This tool clarifies the presence of landing pages for all ads and keywords of the account. When errors are detected, you receive an email‐notification. You can subscribe to receive daily summaries as well.

You can adjust this script with the help of control panel in the form of a spreadsheet:

Each URL is checked no more than once a day. The daily quota – 20 000 page addresses.

Keywords Conflict Detection

Negative keywords are created to protect campaign from irrelevant search queries. But they might mistakenly block relevant queries, and that reduces the effectiveness of advertising campaigns. A common cause is when a negative word was created with the match type that was larger than allowed.

The script finds such conflicts, saves them into a table and sends you email‐notifications. To resolve this, you should remove negative keywords that caused the conflict.

Keyword Labeler

This script groups together keywords based on certain criteria. For example, it can filter out all phrases that contain the names of brands or the ones that are targeted on competitors. You can also specify multiple attributes simultaneously.

Performance Anomalies

This script performs more complex function, but it’s easy to use. It checks whether there are deviations among the keywords. If there are any – they are given labels.

Anomalies are the keywords or groups of key phrases that work differently than others. For example, the group consists of 15 keywords, and 2 of them are gaining more clicks. Or one of the groups “eats” more of your budget and you want to control it.

Pay attention:

  • If managing account needs the same script function as a simple account, you need to modify it.
  • If an account exceeds the allowable amount of data processing, run the script several times before it completes its work.
  • API protocol for AdWords changes periodically, so keep track of relevance of the scripts to avoid errors.

We hope that these 5 scripts will help you successfully manage your AdWords campaign. You can also contact SoftwareGarage if you need to develop E‐marketing strategy for your online business or conduct any promotion activities.

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