5 effective ways to reduce bounce rate
bounce rate

SEO, advertising in social networks, campaigns in Google Adwords – all this should increase the traffic on your site. But often these methods don’t bring the expected result. There are many reasons for this, but most likely you have “a hole in the board”. A flaw in the website, due to which visitors leave it as fast as you bring them there. This problem is characterized by bounce rate. In this article you will learn about several marketing tricks that allow to greatly reduce it.

Imagine that the sales funnel of your online store is a bucket. You spend a lot of effort, time and nerves to fill it with water, that is with traffic. But this bucket has holes. The more of them – the less sense in your efforts to attract visitors.

These are the weak points of your website. This may be a bad description of goods, poor quality photos, uncomfortable navigation, expensive shipping or anything else. To figure it out you can use Google Analytics tool and carry out split testing.

And the main problem – if a visitor leaves without buying. Although more often visitors don’t buy the first time. But with a successful scenario he adds the website to his favorites, then comes again, looks closely, compares, and finally buys something. We mean the situation when the user is gone forever.

But this is not going to happen if you will use some marketing tricks that are intended to plug all possible holes in the sales funnel. It is important to persistently work with every site visitor even after leaving.

You can use the following techniques.

Product Upsell. It increases sales due to the increase of average check. Upsell is important because this is the last chance to show the visitor the main things about your product: it’s interesting, more useful than other similar and more valuable. Analysts believe that the proportion of the influence of product recommendations on the conversion is about 10-30%.

Pop‐up with an offer to subscribe to the newsletter. At the moment when the visitor is ready to leave without buying, the company makes another call to action. They offer to subscribe and immediately give a 10% discount. We have already mentioned that pop‐ups can irritate one part of users, but they successfully collect contacts of another part.

A letter with an offer to complete the purchase. For an online store such things are simply necessary. On average, 68% of visitors don’t complete the purchase for the first time. These are people who are interested in your product, but decided to postpone the purchase for some reason. A letter with an offer to complete the order will help to return these visitors while they still remember that they actually visited your site.

Targeting on social networks. A reminder of your company’s proposals which “pursues” user on social networks.

Referral offer. Bring a friend and get a discount. This is a marketing classic that works and will always work.

As you can see, the bounce rate can be reduced easily. All methods are very simple to implement from a technical point of view and with minimal investment. SoftwareGarage can take over the marketing activities of your company.

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