5 key split tests to improve conversion

Professional internet marketer knows exactly three things: what, when and why he need to test. Of course, he has to experiment and find new ways. But there are at least 5 key split tests, which are guaranteed to help increase conversion. What are they? Let’s see on real examples.


The first thing visitors see on the home page is the headline. A good headline should be simple, precise and clearly reflect the essence of your business.

For example, the homepage of KISSmetrics, a web analytics service:

Headline says about the product capabilities. The text below concretizes these words. And a button with call to action explains what to do next.

Landing page constructor Unbounce:

During split tests emphasize attention on the simplicity of the headline. Less words and more meaning: explain what your company does and how it helps people.


A pair of basic rules:

  • The illustration under the headline should be strictly on the first screen above the “fold” of the page;
  • If there are people on the image, they have to look at the place where there is important text or CTA. Visitors unconsciously track this look.

Salesforce, the developers of CRM‐applications:

You already look to where the girl looks in the picture, don’t you? So you will definitely notice three CTA: watch demos, learn about the prices and get a free trial.

If split tests showed that the images of people don’t affect the conversion, try using nice images of your goods and products.

QuickBooks, accounting program for small businesses:

Workday, the developers of modular “on‐demand” control system:

If your product looks attractive, people will want to know more about it.

Text on the homepage

You hooked user’s attention with the help of headline and images. Now it is time to give him more information about the product. This text should not only be attractive, it should sell.

Example of strong text from Evernote:

In the text on the main page, whatever the variants, there is one rule: benefits and again the benefits.

Button with a call to action (CTA)

It has to be clear, understandable and give concrete benefits. Moreover, the color of CTA button should contrast with other elements on the page. You can learn more about the CTA design in our another article.

The example of Mailchimp email platform:

The home page has a CTA‐button, which is noticeable at first glance. “Sign Up Free”. “Free” is the magic word, when used in the right place at the right time.

AWeber, service for online marketing:

Pay attention to how the buttons are decorated on different sites. It will help you find your perfect option.

Advanced split tests

One of such tools is the base of social evidence. Reviews of real people tend to increase the level of trust to the brand and the product.

Look at the same Salesforce:

However, it works not for all websites, so it is necessary to do split testing to determine whether it works for your business.

And finally, one more thing to check during the “advanced” split tests. This is the arrangement of elements on a page. Use the heat maps to see where visitors look more often (more details here), study the maps of clicks and scrolling.

Take these tips, do your testing and accomplish more!

SoftwareGarage is willing to help your resource achieve high conversions. Our marketers will determine the necessary split tests for your website and conduct them in order to implement the most effective solutions.

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