5 selling types of emailings for e-shop
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Perhaps, every owner of an e‐shop wants to sell like Amazon: a lot and efficiently. By the way, 50% of their success online sales giants owe email marketing. And not only giants, because it is easy and affordable tool.

The main question: what to write? Well, we can offer you few ideas. In this article you will find 5 basic types of emailings for an online store that can be easily applied to your business.

Information about new arrivals

You can tell about new interesting products, or even better – make your mailing on behavioral factors. For example, a person postponed in the cart some goods that are out of stock, and he is sent a notification when these products become available.

Important moments:

  • Use images. If you have loyal audience, just reminding of novelty is not enough. Use photos of new products, this will strengthen the desire to see the whole assortment.
  • Target your mailings. If you have launched a new line of women’s clothing, don’t report this to men. Your next emails can be sent into spam. So segment your customers and send emails only to those who might be interested in them.
  • Check the links. There is nothing worse than a letter, in which you announce new arrivals and guide the customer to the home page. Most subscribers just won’t waste their time. Make sure that the user goes directly to the product card.
  • Divide a letter into visual blocks. Studies have shown that people scan a letter, they don’t read them word for word. On every letter they spend maximum 50 seconds. For easier perception, you can divide content on the visual blocks like “title – text paragraph – image – subtitle – image”.
  • Start with strong benefit or intrigue. It should be something that will “hook” the reader and encourage him to view a letter.
Request to leave a review

When a person is satisfied with the purchase, he is willing to write a couple of lines of gratitude. Reviews are the engagement and persuasion of potential customers. According to statistics, the goods with reviews and ratings are bought on 38% more.

An example of a letter from Direct Shoe Warehouse:

Important moments:

  • Automation. To save time, set up automatic sending of a request to leave a review in 2‐3 days after the client received his order.
  • Motivation. To get a good response, motivate users to leave feedback on the site with the help of small discounts. Besides, it’s an incentive to make the next order.
Happy Birthday Letters

It’s pleasant for customer and profitable for you. Classic method is to offer some discounts. The most effective this is within 2 weeks (the week before and after the Birthday).

Here’s a tasty example of Omaha Steaks:

Important moments:

  • Be sure to collect birthday dates during user registration in the e‐shop.
  • Use beautiful photos to enhance the desire to make an order.
  • Make the formulation of CTA more attractive. Instead of “Place order” – “Pick up a gift” for example.
You watched … but did not make an order

Automation of email marketing is advantageous because you know literally everything, every step of your clients. If a person watched some goods and left without buying, you can catch him with the letter “You watched this product but didn’t make an order”. By the way, it’s better to avoid social networks buttons in the selling emails. It’s a distracting factor: user can leave the site for the group in Facebook, for example, and forget about the letter.

Abandoned shopping carts

It is a headache of almost all owners of online stores. Setting reminder mailing allows to take back up to 30% of abandoned orders. And if you approach to this creatively and offer a discount or free delivery, the forgetful buyer can’t resist.

As a rule, it is a series of emails: in 24 hours, in 3 and 7 days after the user left the store.

To get the highest response from email marketing, you have to collect maximum information about your customers: when registering, with the help of online surveys, through behavioral analytics and more. The more personalized your emailings will be, the higher will be the conversion.

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