5 ways to create your landing page

So you’ve decided to create a Landing for your business. When searching for information on how to make it better, you are confused by the huge number of offerings on the market and on price dispersion. How to choose the right solution? It all depends on particular approach that you choose when creating your landing page. We will tell about the 5 options, their pros and cons.

1. Free templates

Today there are quite a lot of free templates for Landing, especially for WordPress engine. That is you can download WordPress on a hosting, choose the appropriate template, install it, and then just replace the text and images in it. In theory, it is all true, but the problem of this approach is almost always in the fact that any marketing text and Landing structure is adapted to the design. So if you find a template and fill it with your specific content – this may not look as fancy as on the demo.

Plus: this is really the cheapest way to create Landing page.
Minus: the loss of conversion will be the highest.

This option is suitable for those who have no money, but have certain skills. At a minimum, it will be possible to get first sales (although the risk is high) and try online advertising.

2. Landing page generators

Many services are available, for example: Instapage, Pagewiz, Unbounce.

In our opinion, this is a good tool, but with one important condition: there is an internet marketer in your staff who works with Landing – chooses a template and modifies it, sets the task on designers, determines the model of persuasion, configures split tests and so on.

Plus: this is going to be cheaper than ordering Landing in the agency.
Minus: of course, bringing template to mind will take a lot of efforts and time.

This option is ideal in case when:

  • you have small budget;
  • you have a marketer who is experienced in Internet advertising;
  • you have no technical specialists (designers, programmers).
3. A team of specialists under your guidance

Imagine that a copywriter writes texts, a freelance designer draws Landing design, and a programmer carries out the integration with the WordPress engine. After that, the agency undertakes the promotion of your Landing.

Plus: it’s cheaper than applying to agencies and the result will be much closer to what you want (in terms of the concept).
Minus: you have to work on your own account, as you become the head of project at the expert level. It is also very important not to make mistakes when choosing a specialists in this or that stage of work.

This method is good in case you will be able to control the work at all stages, to link all specialists and get the desired result from them.

4. Services of Internet marketing agency

In this situation, the agency takes over the development of turnkey Landing:

  • analysis of competitors;
  • concept definition;
  • internet advertising strategy;
  • design and marketing texts;
  • integration with the engine;
  • deployment and advertising;

Plus: the highest level of conversion, since it is possible to initially think out strategy, future tests, set measurable goals; and you will deal only with your business, not plunging into the subtleties of online advertising.
Minus: such work is more expensive than previous versions. In addition, the agency must understand the details of the client’s business.

This variant is optimal if the budget allows, and if you don’t want to take unnecessary risks.

5. Own staff of experts

Having a team of experts is an ideal option in terms of effectiveness of the created product. You will need a programmer, designer, copywriter and marketer (he is engaged in attracting traffic to your website).

Plus: the most effective way.
Minus: the most expensive way.

If you have the budget and possibilities, then you should choose this option. This is really the most cost-effective solution (of course, if it makes sense for your business).

If you plan to create your Landing, you have 5 main ways. Some are cheaper, some are much more effective. But each one becomes the best in a particular case. You can also contact SoftwareGarage and we will develop a selling Landing for your business.

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