6 effective ways to increase website’s traffic

There are many ways to drive traffic to the site, in addition to expensive SEO and advertising. We offer you 6 tips on how to “manually” with the help of activity on different resources to increase audience’s interest in your project. The truth is, it will take some time and efforts, but it’s worth it. Let’s go!

1. Comments in blogs

Find popular and authoritative blogs, which are thematically related to your business, and comment their publications. If possible, leave a link to your blog or profile in social networks. If your comments will be interesting and useful, sooner or later the audience will become interested in your project.

Tip: don’t hesitate to post a thematic reference to the publication in your own blog. You won’t be called a spammer if you will refer to high‐quality content.

2. Resources for curation and aggregation of content

Add your website or blog to popular content aggregators in your sphere. For example, the Internet marketers can draw attention to resources like Growth Hackers, Inbound.org and others. Become a content curator, which means you have to announce useful publications from authoritative sources, introduce your own publications and participate in discussions.

Tip: take part only in the industry communities. You don’t need general thematic aggregators, even if they are very popular.

3. Social networks

Supervise content, participate in discussions, argue, provoke. You need to attract users’ attention and guide them to your site.

Tip: regularly publish useful content on social networks. Leave a link to your website in your profile and in the description of the community. Join thematic communities and mark quality content.

4. Services of questions and answers

We are talking about Questions and Answers of Google and other similar resources. Answer questions related to your business. Help users to solve their problems, asking nothing in return. You have to conquer the expert reputation.

Tip: in this case it is better not to abuse the links to your own content. Refer to your website only if it’s pertinently.

5. YouTube

Earlier we’ve been writing that YouTube is a great resource to attract potential customers and promote your brand. Create and share your own videos. Leave a link to your website and social media profiles in the descriptions to videos and channels. You can learn more about how to use YouTube in E‐marketing here.

Tip: use advertising on YouTube as well (banners and short videos).

6. Emails

Insert a link to your website in your signature in the emails. Regularly sent to subscribers useful emails with links to your content. Offer subscribers to participate in promotions. More about email marketing strategy here.

Tip: adapt your emails to the screens of mobile gadgets. Determine the most effective options for emails using split tests.

Follow these guidelines, but be careful: nobody likes spammers. To successfully apply the proposed methods, you have to pass over the blade: be active, publish a lot of content, but not overdo with it in order to not have a conflict with the search engines.

At SoftwareGarage we have extensive experience in increasing traffic and conversion of websites. Tell us a few words about your project and we will come up with a great promotion strategy for you.

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