6 problems that increase the budget on website development
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Today we want to tell you about 6 situations, which a web‐studio should avoid in order to save time and money of the client in the process of developing the project. These problems lead to the increase of the budget on development.

1. Unfinished work is passed on to another specialist

For example, the designer didn’t draw a popup form. So at the next stage this form is implemented by the layout designer. And this is not difficult for him, but:

  • he will do the job longer;
  • he can simply forget to make it or will make it wrong.

There are a lot of such examples. As a result, developer is losing money. And there is a probability that the work won’t be done exactly as needed. All corrections afterwards not only complicate the work, but also increase the budget of the project.

2. Frequent switching between tasks

A known fact: if you will constantly distract specialist or build work so that he will have to regularly switch between different tasks, the quality and speed of execution of these tasks will fall sharply. Especially it concerns the copywriters, designers, programmers and layout designers. So if suddenly an urgent work on another project appears, don’t touch your programmer. He must finish his current work, and only then think about the other one. With this approach all the work will be made much faster.

3. Useless work

This includes different things:

  • Development of design features which the customer wants to see on the site, but which are actually harmful for the site (it’s important here to explain to the client what’s appropriate and what’s not).
  • Development of unnecessary functional. For example, an advanced shopping cart, although all orders go through a simple request form.
  • Meaningless briefs and meetings for discussing long‐term plans instead of current work.
  • Working without obtaining the necessary content. For example, the client didn’t prepare a list of goods and you start to develop the catalog. As a result, there is a big risk that you will have to redo it.

At first glance, that’s trivia. But all these things lead to loss of time and money.

4. Bugs

Bugs always happen. It’s therefore important to test all functions of the project. Here the rule is simple – the sooner a problem is found, the cheaper it is to eliminate it. And the later, the harder it’s to cope with it. Especially if the developer is already engaged in another project.

5. The change of executors during the project

For example, a programmer left the company in the middle of a long project. You need to urgently replace him. And that is always a problem since the other person can spend a lot of time to see into the task and continue the development. This also applies to copywriter, layout designer and other specialists. Especially it’s hard to replace the project manager, because he may have a lot of agreements with client that are not recorded in writing. Perhaps only the designer can be easily replaced on the project.

6. The absence of clear objectives for the development

Development company should clearly understand for what purposes the client needs the site:

  • it’s a business card site;
  • …or the most important thing for the client is design, and you’re creating the site as an element of corporate identity;
  • …or it’s all about sales – the site should be sharpened under contextual and targeted advertising;
  • …development considering further SEO works etc.

All this must be determined in advance. You have to work with client’s expectations – both project manager and client should clearly understand why each element of the site is done this way. Then there are no extra corrections that can impair the quality of the project. Here you can learn more about the relationship between client and executor during the development process.

This is far not all situations, when the budget on the development begins to grow. But all these problems can be avoided with the proper organization of the project. We hope that the above information will come in handy to many beginner (and not only) web‐studios, as well as it will help clients better understand the executors.

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