App Swap – an alternative way to run programs for Android
App Swap

Meet new useful app for Android users – App Swap. App Swap is a drawer which allows to easily launch applications. It works with all popular launchers and it is completely free.

As you may know, Android operating system has several ways to start an app. You can put the shortcuts of all programs on your desktop and distribute them into folders, you can use special application menu or even launch programs using a voice assistant. But each of these methods has disadvantages, so developers do not cease to offer new methods for rapid search and start the necessary programs.

When a lot of applications are installed in gadget, the standard menu can become too bulky, slow and inconvenient. If this situation sounds familiar, then App Swap is for you. Now, you won’t have to rewind a long list of installed programs, you just immediately get access to the desired element.

With the help of App Swap, you can instantly find the desired application using the built‐in alphanumeric keypad. It is enough to type the first few letters to instantly gain access to the desired app. Those who are not very good at remembering names, but has a well‐developed visual memory, can use filtration of elements by color of their shortcuts.

Very convenient that to launch the App Swap you can not only tap on the shortcut, but also swipe along one side of the screen (adjustable in the settings). So you are able to quickly access the list of installed applications from any program, without going to your desktop.

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Besides searching programs, App Swap can also search for contacts in your address book. The appearance of the utility can be configured to your liking with the help of color schemes.

App Swap distributed for free and doesn’t have any restrictions. But if you want to support the author and the development of his project, it’s possible to buy a premium version for $2 or $5.

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