Attracting traffic: how to create an effective lead magnet

Lead magnets are free offers that you send on e‐mails of your website visitors in exchange for their contact details. The aim of the lead magnet is to increase the number of your subscribers, i.e. potential new clients. You could say that obtaining a client’s email is some kind of a deal with him. In order to get the email addresses of your clients, you have to make an attractive offer.

The features of an attractive lead magnet:

  • Lead magnet should be as useful as possible.
  • It has to contain knowledge and opportunities for your audience.
  • In order to get in exchange email or other personal information, lead magnet should be valuable: teach something new or solve problems.
  • It has to be provided immediately after registration. You can send the link on your product to client’s email or provide this link immediately after the data entering.
  • To increase the conversion of your product it should become available immediately after form filling. Say about it.
  • Don’t lie and don’t give false promises. There is nothing worse than unfulfilled promises.

What could be the lead magnet?

The sale of information – experts and consultants. These are coaches, trainers, consultants and all those who sell intellectual capital and information. Examples of lead magnets:

  • E‐books or studies;
  • mini‐courses via email;
  • video;
  • audio recording or podcast;
  • free course/webinar;
  • evaluation or testing of goods.

eCommerce. The biggest challenge for the company is when customer makes purchase in their online store for the first time. Especially for small shops, about which the buyer have never heard. If the customer was satisfied by buying their products, there is a high probability that he will make the purchase again.
So here you can apply such lead magnets:

  • free coupon;
  • free shipping;
  • free gift with the first order;
  • educational content about how to make money on what you are selling;
  • membership in the online store (tell them about their prospects as unique customers, invite them to VIP‐group, which will provide them with bonuses, etc.);
  • educational materials on how the purchased product will meet their needs.

Software and online services. For those who provide software there can be some of the following useful lead magnets:

  • free trial;
  • premium account;
  • demo version of the program;
  • allow the user to perform various functions, requesting their e-mail adresses to save their results.

Lead magnets work great. But books, reports, infographics, which you give in exchange for contacts, should be maximally relevant to the needs of your potential customers, solve their problems and meet their buying goals.

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