Basic SEO settings that you need

For today, the development of any e-commerce project is a laborious creative process that requires investment and efforts. When your website is finally ready you want to open it and start to get profit from the e-trading as soon as possible. However, there`s no need to hurry. Before you run a website, it is necessary to perform basic SEO settings. So you can be sure that your site is working properly and that it`s well ranked by the search engines. And it means that people will quickly find what they need precisely on your website. Here are some tips what you have to do, set up and check.

Take out all JavaScript’s and CSS from the site into separate files. Therefore, the code will become easier, while its utility will increase. Search engine robots index better the clean code, which doesn’t contain the JavaScript and CSS.

Use the user-friendly URLs. Here everything is simple: the easier URL looks, the easier it will be for users to identify the URL with the content of the website, and sometimes even to remember it and then enter by memory. Also, use the keywords in the URL − it’s in any case better than the set of numbers. Besides, they are considered when ranking by some search engines.

Minimize the use of Flash on your website. Otherwise, you will immediately meet some problems. Firstly, there’ll be the need to create an alternative content for the website in case the visitor does not have a Flash plugin. Secondly, it appears to be very inconvenient for users. On Flash sites you can’t change the font size in usual way, you can’t save the image or use your favorite plugin for automatic scrolling through long texts. And finally, the Flash sites are really bad indexed, largely just because they are not user-friendly.

Create a high-quality unique content. Respect the visitors of your site: write the content primarily for them and not for robots. If you just fanatically cram a huge amount of keywords into the text − believe me, that will be noticeable. Such kind of content is not very pleasant to read. Your content should be useful for the visitors, easy to read and, of course, as much unique as possible (at least 300 words of unique text on the site). Don’t worry, if you approach responsibly and creatively to the writing of content − the indexing results will be eventually high.

Adhere to the hierarchy of content on the site. The competently-made structure of data submission is the key to success. Do not overdo with the number of sub-sections: the excessive conglomeration of information is tedious.

And of course, be sure to conduct a technical audit of the site before running it.

Check the following parameters:

  • The completeness of indexing of all website pages. The webmaster`s panel of Google.
  • Whether the file Robots.txt was created correctly. It contains the information about what data should not be indexed.
  • Whether the file Sitemap.xml was created and configured correctly. It contains the description of the data structure on the site for the accurate indexing of pages by search engines.
  • Cross-browser compatibility – whether your site is displayed well in all browsers.
  • Adaptive design − the readability of the site on any device. Adaptivity is taken into account when indexing.
  • The markup validity − check the availability of critical errors in the source code of the site. Use the Markup Validation Service.
  • The availability of “broken” links (with response code 404) − they deteriorate the ranking of a site. A special helping program.
  • The duplicates of tags − also bad for your rankings.
  • Download speed − slow-loading website annoys the users. The optimum speed is 80+ points on the Google Page Speed.
  • Fault tolerance − whether the load on the server from your site does not exceed critical exponents. Check here.

An understanding of how your site works is very important. So you can monitor the arising problems and mistakes and quickly correct them even without the help of SEO experts.

Good luck and let your site bring you only positive emotions and profit!

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