Choosing a software development provider: 5 important factors to take into account
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Once you have decided to create a new website, perhaps the first question that arises: who will take over its development? To whom one can entrust such a responsible and important job? How to choose a company that knows how to make websites not only in words? Today we’ll talk about what should be considered when choosing a software development provider to get a quality website that will fully meet its objectives.


Portfolio is a business card of any web studio. Be sure to take a look at the catalog of released projects of the company and decide for yourself whether you like them. And it’s important not just to look through case studies, but also to visit the developed websites. It often happens that the project looks impressive in the developer’s portfolio, but when you visit the site not very nice nuances are revealed. You should pay attention to:

  • You have to like the works of a web-studio. If a company’s portfolio doesn’t have any projects that cause you interest there is no reason to believe that when dealing with you they will do something really cool.
  • Try to put yourself in the place of the user, for whom a particular site was made. If it’s, for example, an online store of electronics – try to choose a smartphone or any other technics. If everything was convenient, clear and logical, and you managed to choose a product – then the site is OK.
  • Does the site work correctly? When visiting it, you can realize that the layout of the half of the pages falls apart, some of the links do not work and instead of text there is something like “Section is in the filling stage.”


No matter which developers you choose and what technologies they use – the main thing is that their sites have to be fast and user-friendly. This is very important because the tendencies in the web development field are dynamically developing in the direction of usability and not only. So, if talk about technologies, it is not necessarily to go deep into details. It is enough to understand the following points:

  • How does the company build the development process?
  • How will you as a customer be involved in the development process and how you will be able to monitor the implementation of your project?
  • Which CMS web studio uses for the website development. Conventionally, all CMS are divided into free and paid. Paid CMS (Magento, Bitrix) are more comfortable and functional and are perfect for the development of large-scale e-commerce projects. But a small online shop or blog can work quite well on free, but qualitative CMS (eg, WordPress, Drupal, PrestaShop, ZenCart, Joomla)


If you’ve already tried to understand at least the approximate price range for the website development, you must have noticed that different companies offer a big variety of prices. It has its own explanation. The high price from the software development companies are usually justified by such parameters as:

  • availability of qualified project managers and experienced technical specialists
  • high-quality UX/UI
  • powerful, productive, and high-conversional websites
  • guarantee maintenance

Among the developers who work in the mid-range there are also many worthy representatives. Often, the cost of services of such companies is lower because they use the outsourcing resources; however, this does not affect the quality of the developed websites. And of course, there are companies that offer low prices. Here everything is quite simple: their sites do not contain some if not all of the above parameters.


Already at the stage of the first call you are able to understand how effective is the communication with customers in the company. Pay attention to the culture of communication and simple rules of courtesy. If you, for example, sent technical specification, and in return received a call or a letter indicating the estimated price and some promotional materials – unlikely that this studio is attentive to clients and has individual approach. It is essential, that company provides not only the scope of work, but also indicate deadlines, calculations, guarantees. Furthermore, in most of the cases a comprehensive questionnaire to be completed before development service provider can give estimation, as deep analysis of project requirements on initial stage is a must-do rule even though the projects seems to be straightforward at a first glance. If it comes to a personal meeting with a representative of the company – evaluate his professionalism in communication: what he can tell about his company; how much is he interested in your project; whether he offers different solutions etc.


It may seem that this criterion is not so important. But since you will have constant interaction with these people during the entire development cycle of the project and the development process often lasts for several months, your future (though temporary) colleagues at least should not cause antipathy.

These basic factors are enough to choose good developers. Perhaps, you also have some personal specific criteria of selection. The more you will communicate with developers, the more clearly you`ll understand what kind of company (and people) you need.

Choosing SoftwareGarage, you can be sure that your will cooperate with experienced team taking care of your project and keeping your business goals as highest priority. Just check out our portfolio and drop us a message to jumpstart your software product building journey!