Common Reasons Why Your SEO Positions Upset You
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You have been actively engaged in SEO-promotion of your resource for a long time, but still not satisfied with the results? Your competitors are already on the first page, and you’re still losing ground? Don’t panic. First of all, you need to understand the reasons of this situation. We have prepared common factors that can hinder the promotion of your site.


Which amount of text is optimal in order to conquer the top places? There is no universal answer – the main thing is content itself, not its quantity. You have to answer a user’s query better than other sites.

You should pay attention:

  • Relevance of page to the request. The promoted page must contain words and phrases for which you want to get into the top. It has to contain the fullest response to a user request.
  • Technical and semantic uniqueness. For the text it is important to be not only technically unique (can be checked by using this service), but also unique by meaning. The more valuable and complete the information will be, the better your site will be ranked.

Tip: robots give more preference to fresh content, so regularly add, supplement and improve your texts. It will also help to improve the indexing.


Links – an important factor of promotion. Most often there are two problems with links:

  • Many outbound links. If there are a lot of outbound links (links from your site to other sources) – this can negatively affect the ranking of a site. And for the sale of links you can face the sanctions.
  • Bad link profile or the absence of inbound links. The mass of links to your site should be diverse and should appear evenly. Avoid buying SEO-links, otherwise your site will be dramatically lowered in the SERP. Google Penguin has not been canceled.

It is not enough to make the site intuitive and user-friendly. The convenience of the site for robots also plays a big role. The clearer the site will be, the better it will be ranked.

Most often we are confronted with three problems that hinder the promotion:

  • The complete absence of any optimization. Usually it is typical for young sites, when the owner doesn’t know that it’s necessary to work also with an internal code, which is seen only by a search engine.
  • Surface optimization. It’s when only the basic optimization is done. If the competitors’ websites are optimized better, they will get to the top. So optimize your site thoroughly.
  • Excessive optimization. Yes, this also happens. There is measure in everything.

Tip: make sure that you have already made a basic site optimization (checklist is here). If the promotion of your website is carried by web-studio or a webmaster, ask them to share a complete list of specific works on optimization. Then you can ask their competitors to give assessment of these works – they will endeavor to find something.


If the site can’t get into the top-20, and you have done all that’s possible, or the position of the site suddenly decreased – the site could have got under sanctions of search engines. The easiest way to learn about the presence of any filters – to contact the support of search engines. They will honestly consult you about the presence of sanctions, but unlikely name the reason.

Behavioral factors

It also happens that the site is made technically correctly, and hence it is not clear, what can prevent him from getting into the top of the SERP. But if you open analytics, it turns out that the site is quite inconvenient for the user or doesn’t pose any value. Google evaluates and takes this into account while ranking. It is therefore necessary to regularly review the usability of your site. Moreover, it is better to use a fresh perspective.

Tip: find out the time spent by users on your site. A value from 1 minute can be considered as the norm, although this figure is different for each site.

To get into the top, the behavioral factors of your website should be better than those of competitors. Don’t neglect the analytics and don’t think that the audit of the site is a waste of money. On the contrary, it’s another step to the increase of your profit.

Next time we will post more reasons of bad SEO positions with tips how to fix the situation. Subscribe! Also, feel free to contact SoftwareGarage if you have any issues with promotion of your resource – we are willing to help you.

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