Go Mobile – do you need an app?

Today it is impossible to ignore the time that people spend in front of the screens of mobile devices. We have already mentioned that it is necessary to get closer to mobile users. Compared with mobile website an application definitely wins due to the breadth of its capabilities and responsive interface. In addition, application can run without a permanent connection to the Internet.

However, this doesn’t mean that an app is a panacea, which is essential for any online resource. According to latest studies, smartphone owners usually use about two apps frequently. And they spend only 20% of their “mobile app time” in other apps they have installed.

That is, people use small number of applications that they like the most. The chance, that your app will be precisely one of those, is not so great. How to evaluate the expediency of the development and promotion of mobile app?

Examine the target audience

Taking the decision to start working on a mobile application, you need to know exactly whether it will be in demand. If you want to create a native app, that is the one that will fully work on Android or iOS platforms, the first question you need to answer with certainty: what gadgets are used by the majority of your target audience? Of course, with a serious approach to the implementation of an app it is not necessary to count the number of fans and opponents of Apple. But if your target audience has a tendency to certain gadgets, you should note it.

Come up with a useful app

Alas, it is not possible for some areas of business. Mobile application from the sellers of construction machinery, suburban houses or other rare items, is likely to be useless toy, which the client will forget at the end of cooperation. For such companies it’s more advantageous to focus on the mobile version of website.

Development of mobile apps is relevant, first of all, in the sphere of HoReCa. A useful app can be developed for fitness clubs and beauty salons, delivery services and restaurants, hotels and taxi.

For online stores this makes sense only if the app can provide users with some additional benefits. For example, bonuses, discounts, special loyalty program only for app users, etc.

Calculate your expected profit

The development and promotion of mobile app is an expensive and laborious process. At the same time the outflow of users, who installed the app and then quickly ceased to use it, is up to 50%. For large stores and resources that are already popular among wide audience, the realization of mobile app can be recouped quickly. And the apps of other market players will have to fight with a huge number of competitors.

Do not chase fashion

The mobile application, as well as the company’s website, isn’t a business card with contact numbers and office address. The promotion of mobile app to the top requires the same amount of time and money as “white” promotion of the site in the search results.

Keep in mind all the above factors and decide whether your business needs an application. For many companies it is more profitable to engage in the improvement and promotion of desktop and mobile versions of website, and not to be afraid to miss the expected benefit from the mobile app.

If you are not sure whether you should develop an application, write to SoftwareGarage. We will analyze your business and advise the best solution for you.

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