How Contextual Advertising Adapts to Mobile Users

We have repeatedly mentioned that the share of mobile traffic is becoming bigger and bigger. And the search engines consider this trend. They also understand that people who buy via mobile devices do it in another way than those who buy using personal computers. Today we will talk about the possibilities of advertising on mobile devices.

Let’s take as an example the recent extension of Google Adwords called “Message”. This is an important extension that must be considered by entrepreneurs. Because in the long run, it could be one of the most important points of contact with customers for many businesses.

What is the essence?

When it comes to the interaction of mobile users with advertising on the network, it is primarily important to pay attention to three facts:

  • The client has no time or desire to study the various proposals and websites for a long time. He wants the decision here and now.
  • Location of the person is important.
  • Often, a potential customer is not able to fill in the request form (long and inconvenient) or call and discuss the details by voice (e.g. noisy on the street or uncomfortable to talk).

The new extension is intended to improve contact of mobile user with advertising. It allows to send SMS to the company directly from the advertisement. There’s no need to go to the site, study the details or call the operator to discuss them. It is enough to send a short message. And then you just have to wait for a response from the company.

When is it necessary?

Firstly, only if the company can rapidly process messages from potential customers. Secondly, in those cases when it seems logical. For example, a client wants to:

  • Send a request to the nearest hair salon or dentist for price and time.
  • Clarify whether a necessary product is available in the offline store at a particular address (if he is not far away).
  • Send a request to a hotel nearby for a free room and to find out how much is the reservation.
  • Visit the nearest service station.

If a potential client has enough time, there’s no sense for him to send such a message. He can carefully study the offer of the company without any fuss.

How does it work?

When adding the expansion, you can specify the primary message that will be displayed there. If it coincides with the majority of requests of potential clients, then you literally facilitate their lives. In addition, it is possible to specify the call to action, which is very important.

As a result, messages look like this:

the source

Expansion work on the CPC (cost-per-click) scheme, that is, when a potential customer clicks on the SMS icon, the advertiser pays per click. Therefore it is very important to properly think through the first message and the CTA. Also worth mentioning that you can choose a time when the extension is active. If you understand that for some time you won’t be able to quickly respond to clients’ messages, it is better to conceal the extension.

Search engines are doing their utmost to make life of mobile users easier. Moreover, very often, when it comes to dealing with mobile devices, the search tries to give all the answers right on its page. Indeed, it’s not always convenient to transit to the sites of advertisers. This is the future itself.

So now is the time to think about the global issue: how your business can work with clients from mobile devices? It will be a big mistake to build the same interaction as with PC users, because mobile users buy differently.

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