How to make a right choice on CRM system

Once you start thinking about sales increase in your company, improving your customer service and strengthening confidence about your business, it’s a clear sign that you need to implement a CRM‐system. Earlier we wrote about the benefits that CRM can bring to business.

To choose the best tool for your business, you need to understand the requirements of your team and how CRM can meet their needs. We have prepared some tips on how to choose the right CRM‐solution for your tasks.


Price is a key selection criterion for many people. It is important to take into account not only the price of the system itself, but also the additional costs. For example, do your employees need training on using the system? Do you need integration with existing software? Do you plan to customize the system? How much are the upgrades? And so on.


The more diverse and complex your business processes are, the more complex tasks CRM‐system should solve. At the same time, its functionality should fit needs of your entire team. You may decide that the more tools will be in the system, the better it is. But as a result you may find that half of them you don’t use in your work, although you have paid for them. Think about the main business processes that take place in your company, and what tools would be useful. You need to analyze your goals and on this basis choose the most appropriate CRM.


This is one of the most important factors. Data security must be ensured in full, especially if you work with clients and fix their personal data. That will allow you not to worry about your reputation and keep good relationship with your clients.

SaaS or software solution

Cloud CRM (also called SaaS – software as a service) and those that are installed on the server have their advantages and disadvantages. Cloud solutions are cheaper because they don’t require costs of acquisition and support of software, they are implemented much easier and faster, and they are generally easier to use. On the other hand, software‐based CRM are more secure, can be customized, and in case of any questions or problems you can always contact the technical support.


Make sure the system has the ability to expand. Your business won’t stand still, especially after the acquisition of CRM. Perhaps in the future you will need to significantly increase the amount of data or connect new department. You need to know that your CRM will grow with you.

Is it user‐friendly?

Be sure to test the system before implementing. Your team have to understand how to use the tools. Otherwise, if everything will be too difficult, the staff will be reluctant to work in the system, and therefore a certain amount of information will pass by it, that in turn will badly affect the level of sales.

These basic factors will help you to understand which CRM will suit you the best. You can also write to us and we will help you choose a CRM‐solution, which will the most meet your business goals.

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