How to improve the behavioral factors on the website

Just a few years ago, website promotion was about buying high‐quality link mass. Today, this method is fraught with a complete ban of the project. Search engines have come up with how to get rid of these tricks with backlinks. Now the quality of the resource is assessed taking into account the behavioral factors – actions that visitors make on the site. How to act in the changed conditions?

What is behavioral factors

First of all, let’s sort out with this term. The behavioral factors include:

  • The number of pages viewed by one visitor per session. Accordingly, the greater the depth of view, the better for the site.
  • The time a visitor spent on your site. As is the case with the depth of view, the higher the residence time at the site, the better.
  • The number of web pages opened by the visitor simultaneously is also an important factor, because such behavior may indicate that your site is full of really useful information.
  • Comments, discussions and other ways to show activity on the site. It is appropriate to recall the SMO of the site and integration with social networks.

Also, don’t forget about tracking of user actions, for example, what he clicked, how much time he spent in a particular part of the site and so on.

How to improve the behavioral factors

You can improve the behavioral factors through conducting activities of the internal website optimization:

  • Compose a semantic kernel of the site.
  • Pick keywords using Google AdWords and other programs.
  • Add keywords into the title and URL (configure user‐friendly URLs).
  • Remember that the text on your website should be written primarily for people, not for robots. While forming SEO‐text, watch its quality and readability. Also, don’t forget about images optimization.
  • Come responsible for filling meta tags title and description.
  • Be sure to create files robots.txt (site indexing) and sitemap.xml If you will form these files correctly, the search algorithms will treat your site much better. By the way, you can use this checklist on the basic SEO settings.
  • Your web pages have to relink with each other – it’s very important for user behavior. Using this trick you will be able to keep visitors on the site longer.

And of course, among the most important things in improving the behavioral factors are the design and usability. The visitor shouldn’t experience difficulties with site navigation. Be sure to make a block with the best (popular, commented) articles to demonstrate that your site has plenty of useful information.

The difficulty of forming good behavioral factors is in the fact that there are no reliable theories to explain the behavior of people. The promotion experts have to act using the method of trials and errors, conducting endless A/B tests and intuitively choosing the best site design piece by piece.

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