How To Improve the Navigation on a Website

The task of good navigation on the site is to help visitors find the nesessary information. There’s a specific thing that copes with this task pretty well – it is so‐called “sticky” navigation, better known as “sticky menu”. This navigation follows the visitor even during scrolling.

How does the usual navigation work? It is displayed in the header. But if we scroll down the site, the menu will leave the field of view. For computers this is not so critical, but for mobile devices this can be not very convenient solution:

Sticky navigation follows the scrolling and is always displayed at the top. Therefore, a visitor at any time can go to a new section without returning to the top of the site.

Accordingly, the advantage of such navigation:

  • It is always in sight.
  • According to Smashing Magazine visitors interact with such navigation system 22% faster.
  • A survey conducted by Smashing Magazine shows that the majority of users prefer sticky navigation. It seems to be more convenient for them.

The key point is the simplicity of navigation itself. Sticky navigation works fine if you have a lot of menu items. If you have a large corporate site with dozens of different services, then such navigation will likely overload the visitor. But if you sell one thing (with variations), you should consider this solution.

Naturally, not only the navigation may follow the scrolling. This may be a call‐to‐action – a request button or a phone number. This option is suitable for any site. But it’s necessary to consider the location of other CTA’s on the page. If you have a bright CTA in the sidebar or at the end of the selling text, perhaps you don’t need to add the “sticky” one. Why? There will be too many call‐to‐actions, overlapping each other.

In any case, this point should be tested at each site separately. Each audience behaves differently in this case. The availability of the sticky navigation on the website should be discussed with the designer. Because he has to foresee the general structure of the site and the rest of CTA’s. Everything has to be related.

When you can use sticky navigation? The presence of sticky navigation must be foreseen at the initial stage of site designing. We recommend the following guidelines:

  • You sell one service (shooting weddings, for example) with several variations or additional services.
  • The site will have 4-6 sections.
  • Navigation is at the top.
  • It is advantageous for you if the visitor will actively move through your site (will go not only to the landing page, but also to portfolio, reviews, etc.)

If you have an affirmative answer to all these points, you can do a sticky navigation. It will make the stay on the site more convenient.

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