How to make your website sell: 5 tips to follow

How to make a website that brings tangible profit? In fact, it is not so difficult. If your website has a nice design, but it does not bring you money – it’s time to change something. Follow these 5 simple tips and your website will make money.


Fonts and visual elements that you use on your site strongly affect the readability of your text and the conversion rate as a result. There are a few rules to keep in mind:

  • Don’t use more than 3 font families on the site. Choose one for headlines and sub-headlines and one for the main text.
  • It is better to use a sans serif font. It’s more easily comprehended and readable.
  • Visit your favorite websites and blogs to see what fonts they use. See also websites of competitors.

Did you know that colors affect mood and even the person’s decision to buy or not? But what color to choose?

  • Use the colors of your brand on the site.
  • Don’t use more than 5 colors. Ideal – 4. You can add a few shades of each. But the color of your brand should be the main.
  • Remember your audience. For example, if they are middle‐aged men, better give up the pink colors and shades. If you work in the health niche, choose blue, white or green colors.
Images and photos

The right picture or photo is a powerful tool that could quickly increase the level of conversion in any niche. For example, look which pictures places Amazon on its website. Their products look really cool.

How to choose the right image:

  • Decide where you will use it.
  • Ask yourself, what feelings it evokes? It should inspire trust to your brand and offer.
Website navigation

Homepage. If your website has a lot of different content, you need to help its visitors. On this page you can tell about yourself, show the most popular products and place lead magnet.

Goods/services. Make this section on the site, and potential buyers will understand where to find the information they need. You can combine in this section all pages with your offers.

Examples/reviews/portfolio. Your potential customers want to know that your goods and services are qualitative, so they need some proof.

Blog. The use of content‐marketing provides you with clients for a long time. So make sure that people can find answers to their questions on your site. Create and maintain blog, where you will share useful tips and interesting ideas with your potential client.

Contacts. It is a mandatory page on your site. The visitor has to understand that you are not a fictional character on the internet and in the case of an unexpected situation you can be found. Information on this page also increases the credibility of our company and thus increases the conversion.

Block with lead magnet

Not all visitors browse your homepage to the end. So place the blocks with lead magnet in different noticeable places of your site. Write a bright headline and several offers that will interest a potential customer, add a CTA‐button and collect subscription base.

These tips will help you create a website with an excellent conversion for almost any type of business. Spend just a few hours – and in a few weeks or maybe even days your earnings will increase significantly.

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