In which cases you better not do contextual advertising

The purpose of contextual advertising – to bring orders, phone calls and other appeal to your company. However, it is not effective for all situations. Below we consider cases in which contextual advertising won’t bring the desired results.

Variant 1. Low‐quality website

The one that is inconvenient, with bad design, without information about the product, delivery terms, prices. Advertising of such a website is throwing money away. Advertising will lead interested users, but they will immediately close the page. And even if they will stay, they won’t find the right information and won’t commit the desired action.

You may think that the person to whom something is not clear, will call and find out everything that interests him. No, he will not. There are plenty of high‐quality and credible websites. So he will just go to another website, which has all the necessary information, and make an order there.

Variant 2. Poor assortment, bad conditions

If we have the online store of clothing, which catalog figuratively speaking has 10 women’s dresses and 5 men’s shirts, than probably such a store is not a competitor to the others. Or, for example, an advertiser offers jewelry. The buyer wants to order a bracelet for $30 and sees that the delivery will be $50. Unlikely that he will be glad.

Variant 3. A small advertising budget

The advertiser may have insufficient sum on advertising. It is important to calculate the pay‐per‐clicks with the corresponding rates for all campaigns. If your budget will end in a month, you won’t achieve the desired results. In this case there is no sense at all to invest in advertising.

Variant 4. Unformed demand or narrow niche

These are the goods, which are not looked for by users in the search because they simply don’t know about their existence. Such products can be advertised only at around‐thematic queries. This means that the bounce rate on your site may be very high. Visitors will leave it immediately, because it is not what they were looking for. Maybe they will stay for a while for the interest if you offer some specific products, but certainly won’t commit the desired action.

If you sell wooden figures of cats, you can’t pick up a lot of targeted queries on this subject. It is a very narrow niche. In such cases more appropriate is targeted advertising.

These options create all conditions for big risk. We don’t recommend to launch advertising on such websites, because it’s a waste of money. First, you need to bring your website in order. You can write to SoftwareGarage and we will help you to do that.

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