Magento or WooCommerce: which one’s the best for your business?

Nowadays Magento and WooCommerce are the two most popular eCommerce platforms on the market. This is not surprising, since they have many advantages and are suitable for different projects. Magento is an independent product, WooCommerce is a plugin for WordPress. If you want to create an online business, you most likely will choose from these two CMS. So which one will suit you the most?

WooCommerce and Magento are open source products. For you, this means two things:

  1. you are free to use the product and customize it for yourself;
  2. you can use help of active communities.

Since WooCommerce и Magento are free, they earn by selling the additional services, which you will probably need to purchase in process of time as your business grows. In both CMS you can effectively manage unlimited number of products. Also, you can launch a blog on your website in order to share important and interesting information and improve your SEO positions.

Setting Up

If you already use WordPress and want to change your website towards eCommerce, it is certainly better to choose WooCommerce plugin. So you can use the familiar interface, and you will not need to change the site engine. If you don’t have a website, WooCommerce is also great for beginners, as well as WordPress. In addition, you can always use the video tutorials while setting up.

Magento also has quite simple interface, tutorial videos and the installation wizard. However, when it comes to adding some extensions to the website, it appears to be harder. Here you might need help of Magento developer (for example, SoftwareGarage).


Both CMS are free (except Magento Enterprise Edition). Nevertheless, their use is connected with some costs that must be considered:

  • Implementation of extensions and new functionality. When you start using one of these platforms, you realize that you lack some important features for successful online trading (for example, multiple payment options), which are developed or configured by specialists.
  • Hosting. WooCommerce can use WordPress hosting, while Magento requires dedicated server, as soon as it “weighs” more. So you have to think about it if you want fast website. This is even more important if you have a big product catalog.

With both Magento and WooCommerce you receive the basic functionality of an online store. But which CMS gives you more opportunities for customization of your store and provides your customers with more convenience when making a purchase?

Here Magento wins. You can not only sell products, but also to offer similar ones, do a comparison, implement codes for discounts and use advanced filter for navigation. Moreover, Magento allows you to manage multiple websites from a single admin panel.

WooCommerce allows to do rating of goods and sort them by popularity with the help of available widgets, but for anything more complex you will have to install add‐ons. On the other hand, WooCommerce can work with WordPress plugins.

Thus, if you can afford to hire specialists to upgrade your website, Magento gives you more opportunities.

Also worth mentioning the big set of beautiful themes for both Magento and WooCommerce. Most of them are free, so you just download them and set on your website (but there are also premium themes).


WooCommerce is perfect for beginners and for small businesses due to its simplicity. You also should definitely choose it if you already have a WordPress‐based website, and you want to reorganize it to sell your products. However, it is limited on some basic options so you will need to set up many extensions.

Magento is more suitable to big business to create and maintain large online stores with a huge catalog of products, since it’s scalable and has a lot of available functionality. Another important fact about Magento is that it was developed especially for eCommerce projects. But in this case you have to consider the costs of experts who will help you to customize your website.

SoftwareGarage is willing to develop, customize and support your website on WordPress or Magento as well.

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