Magento: useful capabilities for E-shop management
magento capabilities

CMS Magento is one of the most popular engines for the development of online shops in the world. We already wrote a little about Magento. Now we want to describe its features in terms of management of the online store.

United center

Magento allows to create multiple online stores, herewith they all can be managed from one center. This is the basic advantage of this CMS that is appreciated by many site owners.

Multiply currencies

When creating an online store, you can easily use different currencies, in addition, you can easily convert them if necessary.

Convenient catalog

You can create a convenient catalog with the ability to add categories and subcategories. In addition, it is also possible:

  • create detailed description of the goods;
  • add several photos for each product;
  • for each position in the category you can tie similar products with different characteristics, such as price;
  • add specific characteristics;
  • view stock balance.
Price management

Price management in Magento is really flexible. You can offer individual prices for certain categories of customers, for example, give a discount for regular customers. In addition, you can reduce the price for some time. You can also organize various actions, such as “when buying this product you get free delivery or xxx as a gift”. All special shop offers can be collected on one page of the site, which design can be made different from all the other pages of the site.

Work with users

Visitors of the store can add comments, rate the goods, write tags.


With access to the html code, Magento provides a variety of tools for search engine optimization:

  • adding meta tags “keywords” and “description” for each product and category;
  • Adding a unique URL for each good;
  • CMS creates file sitemap.xml by itself.

By reviews of many clients, Magento has a convenient back‐end interface, and the user can perform basic operations without using “help”. However, many moments can be insufficiently clear. For example, creating mailings and the management of taxes, localization, multiple currencies etc. So you will have to spend some time on its studying or hire an experienced specialist.

magento admin panel


You will need a dedicated server for effective work of the E‐shop (especially if it’s large). Developer company reports that for normal operation of the site there has to be a hosting with at least 256MB of memory.

CMS Magento is a multifunctional engine that allows to create a full‐fledged online store. If you want to know more, be sure to read our 10 interesting facts about Magento.

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