Mobile website: 6 main requirements of usability

Mobile devices occupied a firm place in our lives. More and more people prefer to communicate, search the web, make orders precisely via mobile gadgets. Earlier we wrote about the options that you can use to mobilize your site. Now we consider basic requirements for the usability of mobile websites.

Mobile first

If you only plan to design your website then follow the rule: “mobile is the priority”. Orientation primarily at mobile users will greatly help to minimize the requirements for your design, optimize the content and sequence of actions, that is simply cut off all unnecessary. With such an approach it is much easier to transfer your laconic mobile site to its desktop version.

Human hands

The main feature of mobile devices – people keep them in their hands and interact with the interface directly with their fingers. Note that convenient zone for the thumb are very different from the standard heating zones of increased visual attention of people on the PC, and this creates additional difficulties in the optimization of mobile version.

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The main thing here, that it has to be convenient for user to add items to the cart or send a request for a call back at least in one of several positions of the device.


Also don’t forget that for mobile version a large icon is often more convenient element to tap rather than a thin short link. The size of an interactive element for mobile user is of primary importance.


The distances between the active objects are extremely important. There is nothing worse than when links of confirmation and canceling are so close to each other that a customer, wishing to choose a consent, touches at the same time refusing option. The voids between lines, buttons, icons in your mobile version should occupy from 40% of the screen space and even more.

Minimum of formats and transitions

Also worth mentioning the inconvenience for mobile users to transit from site page to phonebook contacts, to a new browser tab, perform download of a file, view a word document and then go back to your page. At the first opportunity you have to reduce the number of unnecessary formats, transitions, additional downloads in your typical interaction scenarios, leaving only the most necessary actions for mobile version.

Loading speed

The loading speed of your mobile website is still an important factor in the eyes of many users. Actually, the fashion for flat design in its time received such widespread development partly also because it greatly simplifies and facilitates the visual design component, so even with a slow connection your potential customer much more likely can examine your offer and make an order.

Follow these requirements and you will get basic understanding of how your mobile website should look. Of course, it is often difficult to test all display options of your mobile version on your own. You can order an usability‐audit of your website in SoftwareGarage, or receive free consultation on the development of a new one.

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