Optimization of an E-shop: Why Customers Abandon Their Carts

Perhaps, there is nothing more terrible for an online store than customers who have abandoned their shopping carts. According to statistics, in average 68.81% of visitors don’t reach the end of the buying process. Imagine how your profit would increase, if you could lower the percentage of abandoned orders! The first step to solving this problem – to find out why users add items to the cart, but don’t make a purchase. Below we have compiled a list of the four most common reasons.

Terms and prices for delivery

If the user puts some items in the cart and then he finds out that he has to make additional payments (delivery, taxes, fee), he wouldn’t make a purchase. Statista research results show that 56% of people abandon their orders because they are faced with such additional costs at the stage of payment.

statista research
It is better to show the final price at once. Sooner or later, you still have to report it to the buyer. The sooner this happens, the less is the likelihood that customer will leave without buying.

Another unpleasant surprise for your customers can be a delivery time. It is better to report it in advance, next to the price and the cost of delivery, otherwise it will be an additional incentive for customers to make a purchase in other online store.

Customers initially were not going to buy anything

According to Statista, 37% of people abandon their orders simply because they initially were not going to buy anything. Therefore it is better to focus on those who are not sure whether they want to buy anything in your E-shop and convince them that your offer is attractive. There are several ways to do that:

  • Offer new customers a discount or promotional code on first purchase;
  • Offer them related goods or services in order to increase the attractiveness of the proposal;
  • Offer new customers a free delivery.
Loading speed

It’s needless to say that slow or bad working site has a bad influence on sales. If your site takes more than 3 seconds to load – you lose customers. If the site constantly has technical problems – you lose even more customers. 24% of people abandoned their cart because of the fact that there was a technical failure at the stage of checkout.

Too long checkout process

According to the same Statista research, 21% of users haven’t completed the purchase process because they considered it was too long. The reasons may be different: starting with the fact that the user is asked to register on the website to complete the purchase, and ending with a limited set of payment methods. Any difficulty that you create for the user at the stage of checkout affect the result. The more complex the process is, the more customers will leave their orders unpaid.

Is the registration necessary?

Before making a decision whether you need it or not, consider what registration on your site can give to the customers and how not to scare away those who don’t want to register. Offer customers several options to choose from – to buy with registration and without it. But you should describe the benefits of registration.

In any case, try to make the purchase process maximally simple and understandable, so that your potential customers won’t have the slightest reason for discontent.

To find out what precisely hinders your users, it is best to conduct usability testing. That will enable you to understand exactly what you need to fix. For this purpose you can contact SoftwareGarage. We will take care of all the usability testing and implementation of improvements to your website.

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