Promotion on Facebook: 5 Simple Ways

If you use Facebook for business purposes, you can do more than just post a photo – and increase customer base. In this article you will learn about 5 ways to increase your audience reach and engage them in interaction.

Ask users to tell about your product

Imagine that you choose a trendy dress. In one of the ads it is praised by company’s employees. In another – a real customer shows it on herself. Whom do you believe more? People are eager to share photos on social networks and talk about themselves, their purchases and experiences. To ignite interest, organize a contest for the best photo and the best review of the product.

Use the word of mouth way

To attract as many potential customers as possible, create a referral program. Each participant receives a personal link, which he can send to friends, and they will get a discount or a gift. In this case, the audience reach will be really huge. On average, each Facebook user has 150‐200 friends. If at least 20% of them will participate, it will mean the increase of audience reach in multiple times, and it’s free.

Here’s an example – a loyalty program of the brand of clothing and accessories “Moda” offers to your friends 10% discount:

Gain trust with the help of ratings and reviews

If you have a large base of subscribers on Facebook, don’t be afraid to ask them to evaluate your product or to speak up. Do this unobtrusively to get truthful responses with a brief overview of the product.

For example, online bookshop Powell’s has a rating of 4.8 stars and has already collected almost 10,000 reviews. It means that shop’s customers are satisfied with its service and books:

Retargeting on Facebook

You pick up the audience among Facebook users. For example, you have an email‐base of subscribers. You upload this list to Facebook through advertising manager, and you can show them your ads or promotional posts. If you have installed Facebook pixel on your site, you can capture those who shopped or added a product to the cart but did not complete the order. This audience is part of a group of retargeting and sees your advertising in social networks.

Finally, you can create a similar audience. Specify the user group as a sample, for example, subscribers of your page. Facebook finds people with similar characteristics and interests. As a result, your ad will be viewed by ten times more users than in the original segment.

With these 5 methods you will increase the number of fans of your FB page and increase their involvement in the interaction with the company.

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