Simple Tips to Follow to Reanimate the Conversion. Part 2

This is the second part of our tips for those who want to increase their low conversion level. The first part of the article is here.

Consider copywriting

Copywriting is not an art, but a science. It’s a knowledge how to interweave the features and benefits in a story that will appeal to the target audience and motivates them to buy. The text should be:

  • written for clients and about clients;
  • emotional and convincing;
  • it should not deviate from the theme of the brand and the company.
Be credible

Focus on your goal, but don’t forget about the audience. You don’t want disposable sales – you want loyal customers. Boost customer confidence with the following things:

  • available payment method;
  • privacy and security of payment procedures;
  • social proof (reviews from other customers).
Offer some bonuses

Give the user something valuable for free – and your conversion will increase significantly. But it is important to eventually understand how many subscribers have purchased your product. If there are few of them – it makes no sense to continue this strategy.

You can offer a small service for free. For example, a service of marketing solutions “Blue Corona” offers a free website analysis. They calculated that in the future a person is going to pay money for more serious tools.

If your goal is an immediate conversion into sales, offer the customer a gift with purchase.

Caption to the request form and CTA button

A compelling caption to the request form and a noticeable CTA button (call-to-action) are more likely to lead to targeted actions.

Crazy Egg offers to study the behavior of users by using heat maps:

Excellent headline: “What’s making your visitors leave?” And the wording on the button from the first person: “Show me my heatmap”. All you need is to enter the site address.

Do not ignore UX

Users will become interested in your product, if they easily find the necessary information on the site and understand how to quickly perform the targeted action. Otherwise, you will lose the targeted traffic. Think about the navigation, search, human-friendly arrangement of elements on a page (images, captions, buttons) – all that affects the conversion.

Now that you know these important things to consider and improve – you can hypothesize, test and improve conversion element. We wish you high sales!

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