Strategy of email marketing: 5 steps to success

When it comes to the problem of reaching your target audience with some useful stuff and proposals, there are many options to do that. But according to researches, email marketing is one of the most effective tools in Internet sales.

However, marketers often don’t have a clear plan with specific steps to achieve their goals. We suggest you to use a universal basic strategy.

Step 1. Register in the service of email newsletters

When choosing a service note the features of its interface:

  • How you can manage your mailing settings;
  • Is it possible to create mobile‐adapted templates;
  • Whether the service gathers stats on clicks, opening emails, unsubscription.

Step 2. Create a tempting form of newsletter subscription

After choosing the newsletter service, you can create a list of recipients. You need to come up with an interesting reward for users for subscribing to your newsletter. Rewards should be simple and very useful. At this stage, your goal is to create a content that will convince potential subscribers in the need of leaving their emails in exchange for information.

Then you have to add to the site several forms of collecting emails. The form in the right column is not the only option, try to use pop‐up notifications, forms in the footer of articles and other.

Step 3. Actively increase the list of newsletter

When everything that you need for collecting emails is prepared, you can go to the active expansion of your list. Use one of the time‐tested methods:

  • Guest post with a call to subscribe to your newsletter;
  • Advertising in social networks;
  • Useful and interesting webinars.

Step 4. Regularly send useful content

As soon as you will get subscribers, begin to regularly send them useful content. For example, some articles related to what you do, lifehacks, etc. The point is to gradually increase the value of your letters in the eyes of users, thereby increasing the frequency of clicks on the links.

Step 5. Make relevant offers

After establishing trusting relationship with subscribers via free content, you can start sending relevant offers. Start by adding offers in newsletters or run automatic selling letters. The main thing is to add a strong call to action, which for certain will make the reader do the necessary action: buying a product or registering a new project.

Repeat steps 3-5

Email marketing is a cyclic process, so you should continually increase the number of subscribers, providing them with valuable content and relevant offers. It’s important to repeat and improve the steps 3-5, constantly expanding the number of loyal audience.

Using this checklist, you will be able to create a community of loyal users, and Email marketing will be one of your most effective tools. Or you can contact SoftwareGarage and we will help you set up your email campaign.

Don’t put it off, start to attract more customers right now!