The common mistakes of usability. Part 2

This is the second part of an article about the most common mistakes in usability of online shops. The first one can be found here.
So, let’s continue.

There is no detailed product description

In the online shop there is no professional advisor as in an offline shop, and the user has to find out all about the product by himself. Therefore, make sure that the page of the product contains as much useful information as could be given by a real consultant. Of course, it can be difficult to organize all the information and make it readable. So you should use the tabs and layers to split the content into easily digestible portions.

The absence of high‐quality photos

If the user doesn’t have the possibility to consider a product – then it’s unlikely that he will buy it. So it definitely makes sense to invest in high‐quality photos of your product and editing. However, don’t overdo with Photoshop, make sure the results are as close to the reality as possible, or else you are risking of running into a negative feedback of buyers, who received the goods that don’t correspond to the image.

No information on the availability of goods

One of the most annoying factor for the consumer is to find information about the availability of goods only on the checkout page. Or worse, to discover that item is not available after you add it to your cart. This is a sure way to lose customers. The best way to inform consumers about the availability of goods is to add the information directly on the page with the description or not to show these goods at all. In addition, the availability of the goods in the stock must be continually updated in order to save user’s time and patience.

The absence of strongly marked CTA

A lack of prominent button “Buy”, “Add to cart” or other element of call to action is one of the main enemies of conversion. CTA is a great way to guide the user through the process of buying, without interrupting the implementation of the purchases. About the importance of the CTA we have wrote in our another article.

Obligatory registration for ordering

Many of the resources don’t allow unregistered/unauthorized users to use a cart. It is a sad, but alas, a common mistake. Give visitors the opportunity to use the shopping cart and make purchases without registration, don’t deprive yourself of profit. If someone is interested, he will register.

Every business has its own specific features and every online shop requires individual approach to its development and design. Unambiguously is only the fact that one should constantly work on usability, since it directly affects your sales and your profits. So now you can get a basic understanding of what you should avoid anyway and what you should improve to use your online resource for 100%.

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