The power of CTA: how to use it at 100%

The call‐to‐action is one of the most important factors of conversion. CTA not only motivates users, it encourages them to buy. So it’s very important to use its potential at 100%. Today we will tell about what you can do to make the CTA button function to the fullest. Which expressions will increase the conversion and which ones should be avoided?

Remove the irritating words

These are the words that remind about boring job or obligations, that is, about things people do not want to do:

  • Register or send. American marketer Vin Gaeta calls the word “register” a conversion killer. Indeed, you do not need excessive formalization (unless you are a state organization).
  • Download;
  • Request information. Such CTA makes the user subconsciously fear that he won’t get answers to his questions. The uncertainty annoys.

Instead, try to use simple words with positive meaning. For example, “Get it now”, “Get started”, “Try it free”.

Or invent some extraordinary CTA, but be careful – it must fit by meaning. A good example is Akismet:

Emphasize the benefit

CTA button is a kind of “moment of truth”. The user thinks: to press or not. What benefits it will bring to him? What will he need to do to get these benefits? And if the value is not clear, he will refuse to do the target action.

An interesting variant – to start the CTA with the words “I want to…” For example, “I want to watch a webinar,” “I want to get a check‐list or an e‐book.” It’s a good trick, because in this case it sounds like it’s not you who need to sell your product anyhow – it’s the user who asks to give it to him.

In this way you can replace many of the standard CTA:

  • Subscribe. Start right now!
  • Sign up. Join the team…
  • Download. Get my…

Benefit is reinforced by the positive verbs like: open, discover, find out, watch, show.

Focus on the visitor

Studies show that up to 74% of online stores customers feel irritation when they can’t find the right information on the website. Sometimes it’s enough to reformulate key expression, to remove the negative feelings. For example, instead of a faceless “Learn more” it’s much more pleasant to see “Tell me more.”

In 2014, the marketing team of Impact dramatically moved forward the sales of e‐book by simply replacing the “Free Download” to “Show me how to attract more buyers.” The conversion amounted to almost 80%. A business transaction turned into a friendly conversation: “I know how to help you”.

Use the graphic tricks

It’s obvious that the text is important, but the design of CTA buttons is also matters. The look unwittingly stops on the element that stands out.

Pay attention to Huemor homepage:

Besides the fact that CTA button design here is non‐standard, it also appeals to the human psychology with a bit of humor. After all, what is the most effective method to make a person to do something? That’s right, to forbid him to do it.

Use these tips and try different options. The main thing – before you write a phrase on the CTA button, put yourself on the consumer’s place and ask yourself: “Do I want to click on it?” Your answer will tell you the right solution.

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