The reasons why your website has problems. Part 2

We continue to talk about the important nuances that are needed to be taken into account when developing the site unless you want to have problems later.

How to promote it?

Our task is not only make a website, but also optimize advertising costs. Unfortunately, at the development stage not all think about how the project will be promoted. Fortunately, now almost nobody develops websites on flash and other wonder‐technologies that are not indexed by search engines. Popular CMS allow to flexibly configure all the necessary parameters for SEO.

Another danger connected with advertising is too dotty marketing. The good example are landing pages, which now are very popular. At first glance the idea is attractive: a visitor comes to the site, where there is information only about specific service/product, and buys instantly without being distracted. But contrary to all expectations, such pages have slightly lower conversion than ordinary resources.

The strategy worked for a couple of years ago. But now users trust more the multi‐page sites. Add here are the difficulties with advertising, as well as with the support of the heap of separate websites.

If you want to focus on some offers of your company, it’s not necessary to stamp separate landing pages. It is much better to make promo pages on the main site.

Design is outdated

Most often it is a consequence of desire to make the site as “trendy” as possible. This problem is especially relevant for large companies, where the approval of design goes through all departments and several meetings. When a major project starts, the process goes very slowly. As a result, when the site is finally launched, one can boldly do a redesign.

Do not try to grab the latest fashionable trends of this season. They will quickly become obsolete. The simpler is the design, the longer it will look relevant.

Technical progress

A few years ago it was possible to develop a website for one basic resolution (which is most popular among users), and further decide what to do with it on the big screen. But today, every second user visits the site using mobile device. What’s more, the same site now can be watched not only via mobile phone, but also on very big TV. In addition, Google gives tangible advantage to the sites that work properly on all devices. Now we even have to redo some fresh projects, if they are sharpened only for desktop.

If you want your site to live through all technical innovations (who knows, maybe in a few years everyone will use interactive glasses instead monitors) – choose universal solutions, they are easier to maintain. For example, responsive design is almost always better than mobile version of the site. By the way, read this article to learn about the features of website mobilization. And if you still decide to develop a mobile version of the site, take note of these tips.

Website development is enthralling and creative process. It’s understandable that you want to implement all your ideas, want everything at once, especially when the budget allows it. However, if you don’t conduct analytics, don’t focus on the goals of the project and don’t try to understand the necessity of this or that functional, there is a huge risk that your website won’t meet the expectations in future. You’ll have to look for developers and spend money and efforts to correct the mistakes.

SoftwareGarage has great experience in the development. We don’t just mindlessly fulfill all wishes of the client, we conduct analysis and consult on the practicability of various solutions. Tell us about your ideas and we will create a high‐quality resource that will remain relevant for a long time.

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