Trigger emailing: best ways to apply it in your E-shop

Trigger emailing has taken deservedly high place in today’s internet marketing. Compared to the impersonal automatic mailing this approach brings higher conversion: openability, requests and orders in eCommerce. On the technical side there are usually no difficulties: modern email services allow to configure any algorithm. In this article you’ll find out what you can write in trigger emails.

Greeting letter

Thank the new subscriber, show him it’s an important event for you. Tell him what to expect from you: what materials and how often will you send. And be sure to give links to the most popular articles. It is important to involve in the first minutes. In the eCommerce it is usually gratitude for the order.

Abandoned cart

Over 60% of customers of online stores don’t reach the final purpose. If you leave unfinished order without answer – you lose profit. Solution of this situation – a chain of trigger emails within 24 hours, and then in 3 and 7 days. A potential customer can be distracted, postpone the purchase to the salary, or find a better offer in another E‐shop. So it is useful to remind him of deferred product, and then you can offer a discount or free delivery. We advise you not to put any external links, just a product and button “Buy”. So you won’t distract user from the desired action.

Notifications about new products

After some time, the customer is informed about the arrival of pending goods. In addition, you can configure upsell based on committed purchases. Suppose a man orders an iPhone, and the same day you offer him a stylish case. Conversion of orders of related products is very high: 25‐27% (Unisender data).

Discounts and bonuses in exchange for targeted action

In this case, you create the event, for example, offer something valuable in exchange for the passing of some survey. In this letter there has to be not just bonus, but unobtrusive involvement in dialogue. “How is better?” – the subscriber must be flattered, that you are interested in his opinion.


These letters can be called “reanimation”. You can send this one if a subscriber doesn’t open the newsletter or want to unsubscribe. This email also can offer some sort of bonuses or discounts to renew customer’s interest.

Feedback after purchase

After 2‐3 days after delivery ask the customer to leave a review on your website. In that way you solve several issues. Firstly, for the online store it is valuable content – a strong trust factor for potential buyers. Secondly, it’s an additional communication with the client, the demonstration of care.

Celebratory mailing

The most common option, which gives good conversion. Valentine’s Day, Christmas and subscriber’s Birthday are excellent opportunities to congratulate and offer a nice bonus.

An important point: you should place only one sentence and one target action in trigger emails. Also eliminate the external links, with the exception of greeting letters.

Begin to use trigger emailing and the results won’t keep you waiting. You can also write to SoftwareGarage and receive a free consultation.

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