Usability requirements for eCommerce for the best conversion. Part 1
usability for ecommerce

Improvement of usability implies a set of measures aimed at improving the convenience of the site for the users. Good usability improves user experience and that in turn is a major factor of increasing sales. So, in order to increase conversion of your online store, make sure that it fully complies with the requirements of usability. You would say that there’s a huge amount of such requirements and you’d be right. That’s why we made a list, which can be used as detailed checklist when assessing the usability of online store. It’s divided into categories for better understanding. Let’s go!

General requirements

1. The site loads quickly (0‐2 seconds).
2. Logo is placed on every page in the same place. Beside – a short slogan, which clearly describes goals and mission of the company.
3. The phone number must be visible and placed at the top of each page.
4. References in the text content of the site is equally highlighted and clickable; they lead to the correct page.
5. The “Search” is at the top of each page; it can be noticed in the first 3 seconds.
6. On every page the font color and background color are contrasting; the alignment of text is performed by general principle.
7. Line spacing is less than the distance between paragraphs.
8. Texts are displayed correctly at any scaling of the site.
9. All elements and links that lead to the feedback form and to any other way to contact the managers should be provided with a call to action text: “Contact us now”, “Ask a question” and others.
10. Each page must contain a commercial offer and the opportunity to contact the company representatives.
11. When composing the page “About us”, write more than 2‐3 sentences.
12. Use the 404 page with benefit (place your top‐selling products, information about promotions, etc.)

Home page optimization

13. Place the list of the main services or products of the company on the home page.
14. Place your unique selling point in the form of slogan, banner or a call‐to‐action.
15. The points of main menu with the description of your services/products, payment methods and delivery must be highly visible.
16. The home page has to contain contact information: email‐addresses, phone numbers, feedback form, Skype, links to company’s profile at social networks.
17. If you can do delivery to other countries, you have to localize your online shop for all of them. You can learn more about the design of the home page here.

Requirements for navigation

18. The structure of categories should be clear and understandable.
19. Sort categories by their popularity.
20. The main points of the top menu are duplicated in the bottom menu of the site.
21. The selected menu point is highlighted and inactive (non‐clickable).
22. Express your unique selling points and features of the goods clearly and precisely.

Optimization of internal search

23. Test the internal search – the search results should correspond with the query.
24. If the requested item is not found, offer user similar results or the most requested items.
25. Implement auto‐suggestions based on the first letters.
26. Make a search within categories.

Usability of registration procedure

27. Don’t demand mandatory registration. You can offer visitors to create an account if they want to. Briefly describe the benefits of registration beside the button “Register”.
28. Don’t complicate the process of choosing a password.
29. Use pre‐filling of fields at any opportunity.
30. If one of the fields was filled in incorrectly, don’t delete the data from other fields.
31. When registering an account, leave a tick in checkbox “Subscribe to newsletter” by default.

Of course, this is not a complete list of usability tips for your E‐shop. Next time we will give you a lot more. Subscribe to not miss! Also, feel free to contact SoftwareGarage, if you want to improve the usability of your website.

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