Website development: why you should choose WordPress
choosing wordpress

WordPress is the most popular open source content management system. It is used by 25% of all websites (more than 60 million web resources) and this makes it the unconditional leader in the world of CMS. By some estimates, each day the number of websites on WP increases by another 100 000.

Why the demand on WordPress is so high? There are many reasons:

  • it’s free;
  • quick and easy installation;
  • clear and simple admin panel;
  • built‐in WYSIWYG editor that is as simple as Microsoft Word;
  • huge selection of plugins, widgets and themes;
  • ability to make changes to the template code;
  • support of third‐party programs and services;
  • support of user‐friendly URLs;
  • and a lot more useful features.

From the outset WordPress was intended exceptionally for the development of blogs. But when it continued to develop and expand, it became clear that its capabilities allow to also realize news web projects, multifunctional web community and even online stores. Starting from international news agencies and celebrities, finishing well‐known brands and companies – the platform is used in virtually every industry.

Here are some projects running on WP:

The functionality of the CMS can be expanded by adding the necessary plugins, and the design can be implemented by broad array of themes (templates). On the official website you can download the system itself and the themes and plugins for it. All that you download from the official website is safe and checked by the system and users. For the most part, it’s all free of charge. In addition to everything, if you have some knowledge in PHP, you can also adjust the plugins for your needs.

And here you can see the activity of WordPress users in real time as well as get acquainted with interesting statistics.

SoftwareGarage website is also running on WordPress. We also develop and support projects on this CMS. If you are not sure that WP is the right choice for you – feel free to contact us for a free consultation.

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