Website performance: checklist to make your website faster

Perhaps it’s needless to say how important now is to have a fast‐loading website. Google’s team have repeatedly emphasized on this, saying that the speed of loading affects the ranking of the site. In addition, fast‐working websites increase satisfaction of users and improve the general quality of the work of the Internet (especially for users with slow Internet connections).

Why else the loading speed is important? Studies show that with each second of site loading the conversion falls on 7%. That is, if your daily income reaches $100,000, then the annual loss will be $2 500 000, can you imagine this?

With the help of Google Developers you can easily check the upload speed of your site. Its interface is very simple: you only need to enter the name of your site, and the service will automatically analyze the speed of its work.

If your index is more than 85 points – this means your site works quickly and correctly, so you shouldn’t worry. But if your site has less points, you can use our little checklist, in which we collected the most important activities to speed up your site.

  • Location of servers. It is desirable to have the site server in the country where your business is mainly situated.
  • Choose a good hosting. For example, this one
  • If you are working around the world – connect CDN
  • Optimize images on the site. If it’s possible, don’t use large images.

With these simple steps, you can significantly increase the speed of loading of your site. Also, in the Google Toolbar you can see a set of recommendations, which can substantially improve the site speed. The truth is, these recommendations are rather technical, so you will need to contact the developer of your site for their implementation.

Loading speed of the site is one of the quality parameters that is considered by search engines for ranking a site. This indicator must be monitored closely. Fast loading pages also have a positive effect on user behavior metrics, promotes return, growth of target audience loyalty and, as a consequence – increase of your profit.

Software Garage is a company that uses latest technologies in development. We understand the importance of loading speed, so we always put the emphasis on performance.

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