What is CTA (call to action) and how to apply it in the online shops

The two main aspects, that determine conversion of the website are right marketing strategy and thoughtful visual design of the site. Marketing tools will help to lead the potential customers to your site. But how the visitors of e-shop turn into buyers? And at this stage it is not enough to generate attractive offers and to arrange them nicely on the web page. Many people will scroll through the goods or services, but will not order them. Why? Because it is unclear what action they have to do and where to press, there is no such item as CTA (call to action) – the impulse to action! Even if your site is beautifully designed and has thousands of promotional products – without the CTA the conversion will be minimal. Let’s see how it works. For example, a person interested in the kind of service provided by your company. But in order to learn more about it and then buy it he has to not only search the corresponding element, but also to fill in the form of 10 fields. Most likely that in the process he will lose interest and go away to another site, where his eye will be immediately caught by the bright button “learn more”. He will enter only his name and phone number or e-mail and will receive the comprehensive advice. Similarly, with the purchase of products through the site: if the client will have to guess how to do it – he will not spend time on it. CTA is not only instantly focuses the visitor on the button or word, but also speeds up the decision-making process. The purpose of CTA is to logically “push” the person to purchase, skipping unnecessary formalities and erasing doubts.

But you should not think that it’s enough to place everywhere the big red button “Buy!” – and everything will go like clockwork. For different online shops the CTA elements will vary according to the contextual meaning and, of course, the visual appearance. There is no standard model or example of definitely effective CTA. But there are general principles to follow that will help you to understand which CTA will work on your website:

  • Button with the text is always better than just text.
  • Create an empty space around the button to focus attention on it.
  • The color of CTA has to simultaneously set it apart from the other elements of the site but not to contradict the overall color scheme.
  • Do not play too much with fonts. You can simply highlight the text on the button with bold font.
  • The wording of the call to action must be consistent with the context of the site. For example, for the goods – “buy”, “I want it!”, “add to cart”; for services – “buy”, “learn more”, “call me”; for another – “subscribe”, “sign up”, “download”, etc. You can choose from a variety of options or come up with your
  • The limit of time (“-50% till tomorrow!”) and of quantity of the goods (“7 units left”) are also brilliant impulses to action that affects the conversion. When a person realizes that “time is money” he or she buys almost instantly.
  • Make up some bonuses and gifts with purchase – it always works. Even if the visitor doesn’t need a gift, he will still be pleased that you thought of him and offered a free “sweet”.

So, use the foregoing advice and go for it! Experiment, be creative, test different solutions and eventually you will find a thing that will convert your visitors into buyers.

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