YouTube: an effective marketing tool

We have repeatedly mentioned how important is the role of quality content in the E‐marketing. Now there is a tendency that video‐content is slowly replacing the written one, because it is more interactive and entertaining. Of course, the biggest container of wide variety of videos is YouTube. For this reason, it is also an effective marketing tool.

So, 6 reasons to use YouTube to promote your brand:

  1. More than 1 billion people every day browses an enormous amount of videos on YouTube.
  2. According to forecasts of analyst Mary Meeker, by 2017 74% of all Internet traffic will consist of videos.
  3. Being in fact a social network, YouTube allows to like, comment, subscribe and share videos. This in turn attracts to your videos people with similar interests.
  4. Promotion in YouTube is cheaper than attracting visitors using contextual advertising, and at the same time it is much faster than SEO promotion, the results of which are shown only after about six months or even a year after the start of the process.
  5. Transparent results and simple analytics. You will always see how effective your videos are, which of them collect more likes, shares, comments. On this basis you can make conclusions about the future content.
  6. The ability to link the resource with other social platforms gives an additional growth of traffic.

YouTube is suitable both for promotion of your brand and for attracting targeted visitors who have the chance to become your customers. Due to its huge audience, you can tell exactly that your target user group is there – you only have to identify it and attract to your channel.

Making a video‐content is a creative and exciting process. The main thing is to understand, in which format (or maybe several formats?) you want to create your videos and what goals you are pursuing.

The types of video formats:

  • Informational – you give your audience some useful information (advice, reviews, instructions, etc.)
  • News – e.g. the latest news from your online store (sales, promotions, etc.)
  • Entertaining – everyone likes to laugh. Inside these videos you can conceal the advertising of your product.
  • Selling – an analogue of selling page, which main task is to stimulate the sale of goods or services.

For example, if your company engaged in construction of wooden houses, you can post videos related to such topics: “How much is it to build a wooden house?” “Pros and cons of wooden houses” and many other related topics. For some users it will be interesting and useful information, which they will connect with your brand. A beauty studio has a huge potential for creating tutorial videos for self‐care, make‐up, as well as a variety of beauty lifehacks. A restaurant can launch “how-to-cook” videos. And so on.

Ok, but what if you have an online shop of repair tools? It would seem that this topic is rather boring. But think a little and you can come up with a fun format of show “what is this tool capable for?” And make fun tests, for example, show how the smallest lawnmower can purify large field from the thickets.

All of these examples are only the tip of the iceberg. In fact YouTube can be applied to any area of business. It will increase sales, maintain a relationship of trust with audience and promote the brand. You just need to master this tool. If earlier SEO promotion and contextual advertising was enough, today, if you are not using this channel – you can lose a lot; and many of your competitors are already using its capabilities.

To sum up, YouTube now is one of the main source of attraction of potential customers. With the competent approach it works perfectly at relatively low cost.

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