Enterprise is an all-in-one solution for a big business. For each company it is something different and special. There are some products or technologies that can solve 99% of your objectives and requirements. The purpose of this approach is to develop and implement software solutions that will optimize the established processes in your company and make you feel more confident about how you work.

Such solutions may include: software for accounting and business analytics, tools for content, marketing, project management and customer relationship building. Although it all sounds rather complicated, in practice, this is just something that will ease the work – a holistic understandable system that contains a variety of facilities for each employee. The end result is a holistic, comprehensive system that provides the needed resources for each employee and each business function.

We provide:

  • Business analytics.
  • Marketing planning.
  • Development of corporate software in conjunction with CRM-system, ERP-system and mobile application.

We use:

  • ASP.NET to develop a powerful client-server web applications.
  • MSSQL to create, store, update and search the database with a high level of security.
  • Java to ensure the functioning of your software on any supported hardware platform or system.
  • JS frameworks to develop a complete websites and functional modules (various online tools).

Our team guarantees an individual approach to each client. You can be confident in the results – we will find the most advantageous solution for your business needs.