Many companies face the fact that employees cannot always cope with the large volumes of work as effectively as they would like. This indicates that the company doesn’t have a unified logical data structure in place. Without it, chaos ensues and productivity plummets. Software Garage can help you establish and automate business processes to integrate programs, applications, and resources in a comprehensible, easy-to-understand way. We offer comprehensive solutions for configuring and optimizing all the processes in your company.

For example, we can integrate a CRM system with your website to simplify how you work and manage information, creating an environment that is:

  • Convenient for you. All channels of incoming information (calls, requests, emails) will be recorded in the software, and then be filtered to the right people to process it. Nothing will be lost or forgotten.

  • Convenient for your clients. They can easily get the information they need without sharing information about themselves, and experience most seamless customer service.

  • More efficient. With processes in place, the company spends less resources and provides a higher level of service, building consumer relationships with trust.

We also deal with the integration of physical systems such as terminals, cash registers, etc. with software and applications. Implementation and configuration of software / hardware solutions will help automate most if not all of the operations that are directly related to the daily activities of your company.

Using the API, we develop software that can integrate fully into the environment of your company. The result is a personalize software custom-built for your needs. Our team is committed to:

  • Professionalism. We do not just solve the problem; we provide analysis and choose the optimal solution for your business.

  • Flexibility. We easily adapt to the client and are always ready to revise the results with changing circumstances.

  • Accuracy. We implement our solutions without disrupting day-to-day activities that are already in good order.

  • Efficiency. We understand that businesses cannot afford to be delayed, and use all our resources for fast and qualitative execution of your project.

  • Transparency of work. Out of respect to our clients, we provide regular updates and are always ready to provide reporting as needed.

If you are not sure what digital services would expedite your company’s growth, we’re happy to offer a free analysis of your business needs and provide our best recommendation for producing qualitative results.

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