You have a multifunctional business that is constantly evolving. Is your goal to have every aspect of it to run like clockwork, and at the same time reduce operational costs across the board? Then outsourcing is for you. SoftwareGarage can help you to pick out the necessary specialists to create the solution that’s right for you.

Clients find our outsourcing services profitable because:

  • It is cheaper than to having an in-house staff;

  • It means flexible management of the team involved in the project – both from your side and our side;

  • You’ll entrust the project to specialists who focus on optimizing specficic areas of your business;

  • If necessary, we can easily pull in specialists from other areas of specialization (such as SEO, support management, etc.)

We also provide outstaffing resources, which are really convenient because:

  • We take care of the selecting the right freelance/new staff for the project;

  • We select the best professionals to work for you remotely;

  • We provide agile teams of any size with the ability to quickly scale as needed;

  • You’ll have the opportunity to establish long-term relationships if desired;

  • We can provide outstaffing for both development projects and support;

  • You can eliminate the time needed for personnel registration procedures, and the process of hiring and firing is simplified;

  • It helps to reduce the costs associated with the administration of the staff.

Confidentiality is guaranteed. We are cognizant of how to create the proper terms and conditions that will prevent any instance of litigation or any hidden expenditures from your side. Your reputation is also ours, and we protect it as such.

What areas of your staffing would you like to strengthen? Contact us today to access highly-qualified remote staff.